You’re invited to an afternoon of acclaimed wines and original art.

Amy Aiken of Meander Wines invites you to a wine tasting and exhibition of my work. Join us in the beautiful and casual surroundings of the Meander Wines property in St. Helena, CA. Scrumptious tastes will be served.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010, 3 pm to 6 pm

1770 Dean York Lane, St. Helena CA 94574

RSVP: 707.963.3773

meander wine label
meander wine label

all things go, mixed media on paper

When I first met Amy Aiken of Meander Wines last week, introduced by mutual friend, Bev Brown, I felt her artistic sensibility right away. It was as if she wanted us all to play in her sandbox, and that is how I feel when people come to visit my art studio. It was Bev’s brilliant idea to bring us together, a CCA trained chef, she volunteered to create the nibbles for the evening – this is HUGE, she is very good at the whole wine food thing and if you have the good fortune to make it to our event, you will find out for yourself that there are actually 3 artists behind the evening.

A winemaker is very much an artist. They have a PASSION for what they do and it drives them forward despite the hardships at times. Because at the end of the day, the satisfaction of creating something of value that you want to share with the world, is so GREAT it is worth any bumps along the way. We don’t make art or wine to sit on a shelf or hide under a bed – we make it to share – it tells a story of us and bridges gaps between us and you. This afternoon is about getting to know new friends and their art form.  Amy will be pouring and talking about what sets her wines apart from the rest. I have a new series of paintings that have not yet been exhibited and I am very excited to bring them out for the first time and share with a new group of people.

The event takes place on Amy’s beautiful property, where she lives and works. We’ll be using her Barn/Loft which will be comfortable with great natural light. When she said it was going to be in her “Barn”. I was prepared for hay bales and dust. Not the case, come see for yourself.

Amy Aiken and her 1958 Morris Minor truck

Amy Aiken and her 1958 Morris Minor truck