All Things Go

All Things Go is a lyric by Sufjan Stevens. This series, like that song, explores a profound, exhilarating truth: Good or bad, happy or sad, rich or poor, light or dark, things change. This is a liberating consideration.

All of the works in this series represent an inner journey to new frontiers – a rediscovering of authentic self, a renunciation of being stuck.

Each painting began with journaling, contemplating the life force that gets me – all of us – moving to overcome everything from ennui to atrocities. I sought the spirit that gets people to show up every day, ready to proceed and progress, regardless of what came before. And I noticed that the causes of darkness dissipate. Indeed, All Things Go. Everyone, everyday, can be a phoenix rising from the ashes.

With this focus, I begin layering paper on the surface. These are things representing the past like: old book pages, lyric and song sheets, charcoal writing, torn gold paper, vintage posters and discarded paper items. I select each piece of collage based on the color and texture. Then I create a composition that best expresses that journey of transformation. Once all of the collage is glued down, paint is introduced. Informed by the colors of the collage, marks and paint begin to integrate the background to tell my story of the moment.

All Things Go allows a flow to move in and move through with equanimity and no judgment.

Collage before the paint and color is introduced


adding color and paint, making marks over the collage

adding color and paint, making marks over the collage

Jennifer Perlmutter - Beyond - Finished Painting

Jennifer Perlmutter – Beyond – Finished Painting