Jennifer Perlmutter Sausalito Show


Thank you for coming out to Art to Awaken The Mind in Sausalito. It was a great show. The Life Studio, a chiropractic studio run by Colleen Lindstrom, was transformed into a beautiful gallery for the weekend and I hung 14 new paintings.

It was a pleasure to answer questions about my process and also to watch people respond to the paintings. Abstract art is a mirror to our own souls. We see what we see. Imagery is not obvious and our minds are free to play and interpret through our own lens. It is because of this that abstract art can awaken your mind to your true self. That is the goal, to find our true self.

During the night, a visitor sat in front of my painting, titled, “Passing Through” and wrote a song. He studied the painting, aware of how it made him feel, and composed another original work of art of his own.That was one of a few very special things that happened that weekend.

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Jennifer Perlmutter Sausalito

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