The following is an entry made in my journal on day 2 of an art intensive in Taos, New Mexico. this experience really helped me to focus on what and why I was painting. I highly recommend retreat to help focus your thoughts and clear your mind, Can we do both at the same time? The time devoted to this self inquiry forever changed my artistic expression.
Taos Art EscapeDay 2

Discover Direction. What is my direction and who am I? I am a…

Who am I?

Love this. Never want to break, but to sip it all in and savor the blessed time. I am an explorer and recorder of the juice of my experiences. I record with color, gesture, movement and material that is textural. This moment now is what I wish to record – THIS moment.

Having fun letting go. Art is a sandbox for play and discovery, stay in the moment of discovery. As I embark on the journey of my next painting, where and why and how will I proceed. The wind blows and clears out the mind and fills my spirit with a life force.

Beauty and Renewal ArtWhat is my life force? If I could measure or depict my life force what would it look like?

It looks earthen red with black edges and  a golden center. Blue flame to cool and a greenish tinge around the gold.How does it feel? Warm and Inviting.

Why do I want to paint it? To know myself better.

How will I paint it? I will assemble it for a build and construct it from found material, assembling the detritus to create beauty and renewal.