Once upon a time in the early 90’s, my boyfriend and I moved to Southern California and my cousin Beth let us sleep on her floor. We made a cozy futon nest in the corner of her Venice Bungalow living room and loved it. She was actually glad to have us there -underfoot. She and I would go for walks, do exercise videos, drink beer and cook. Mostly toast and salads, but it was heavenly toast and salads.

Cousin Beth's Kitchen, Abstract mixed media, Jennifer Perlmutter

Close-up "Cousin Beth's Kitchen", clay ball, pastel and copper wire

After a while of flopping there we wanted to repay her for her hospitality and gallons of coffee. I recall one of us getting the idea to paint her kitchen cabinets. The kitchen was small and very old, the cupboards had been painted at least 40 times and the chrome knobs were pitted and rusted. We painted the cabinet doors yellow.  And after all these years, many moves later, Cousin Beth Still talks about those cabinets. Mostly it was the feeling of being together, simple pleasures and helping each other through whatever drama was going on that made them memorable. Porch sitting, coffee drinking, cracking up and borrowing clothes.

Cousin Beth's Kitchen, Abstract Art, Jennifer Perlmutter, mixed media

Cousin Beth's Kitchen, 67 x 48, Collage, found metal, clay, wire

All of these memories fueled this painting, from the very beginning.  I had started dreaming about the kitchen cabinets, it was  a re-membering of the cabinet’s surface, linked with that were feelings of peace, happiness and comfort.  That time and place had an indelible imprint on my mind.

Mixed media collage abstract close-up detail art by Jennifer Perlmutter

Close-up of collage on "Cousin Beth's Kitchen"