My upcoming show at Cero Space in LA has me thinking about the metaphor of Forest and Painting, Life and Art, Running a new trail and Embarking on a New Canvas.  It’s all tied together.  The expression and exploration of painting correlated this Spring when running during a rainstorm through a forest. I know… what the hell would I do that for, right? It was a challenge and I’m glad I accepted.

Returning to the studio after the run, looking back over the past few paintings as well as setting up new ones, the image of the trees and ground were always in the back of my head. Even stronger, were the feelings I began to associate with the smells, sights and sounds of a stormy forest run. When I noticed this, I realized that was what this series and it continued to inspire the show.

Sideways Through The Forest Acrylic painting by Artist Jennifer Perlmutter

Sideways Through The Forest Acrylic painting

Just before I sat down to update my blog and post something that would hopefully help others draw a connection between the show title, Running Through The Forest Paths of Uncertainty, I picked up this book off the shelf, it’s my husband’s book and I had never seen this passage before…

Excerpt from: Astonish Yourself, 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life by Roger-Pol Droit

Exercise #52 – Walking in an Imaginary Forest

“…So there you are, walking at a brisk pace, for a good spell, without attending to anything except the synchrony of your breathing and walking…Imagine now that the Forest is your soul. You are walking like this within yourself. The tangle of tall trees, the white sentinel of the birches, the moss and the damp mulch, none of this is outside you. Some obscure spell-which is none of your business-has turned everything inside out. You are strolling through the inside of your own thought…”

The forest is full of life underfoot and above. It has it’s own breath. I imagine the wisdom of the ancient trees and humorous spiral ferns. It’s a nurturing, mysterious, scary, beautiful, fecund place. For these reasons, I chose the metaphor of the Forest in my most recent body of work.

You will not find images of Evergreens and deer in the paintings for the upcoming exhibit. Neither wildlife or pine-cones are represented. At least not literally. Like the exercise offered in this interactive Roger-Pol Droit’s book,  I hope you will find a part of yourself.  Link here for details on the exhibit.