Jennifer Perlmutter in studio in process in Berkeley

studio practice involves tension and flow

Lately, my conversations with others revolove around leading the life we truly desire.  Taking the risks involved in owning your own small business is a challenge and so is discovering who you truly are so that you can present  your most authentic self and offer your unique value to others.

Along the theme of taking action to lead the life we wish to lead…what would the world be without a little tension or frustration? It may not be pleasant in the moment but reframing it as the catalyst that will motivate you to action puts a new spin on the feeling. Frustration leads to innovation.  In the painting below, “Plugging The Holes”, there is a great deal of tension. And there is also a great deal of release. Exploring this balance is of interest to me in life and in the studio. The more we push back unpleasant thoughts and situations the fewer opportunities we give ourselves for transformation and for entering the flow. There is an aliveness in the moment that transcends everything. Feel it whenever you get the chance, it takes practice.

Jennifer Perlmutter - Plugging The Holes - Mixed media canvas

Plugging The Holes, Mixed Media, Canvas, SOLD