Art critic

“Wow”. Was all that came out of my mouth when I listened to this little boy of 7 tell me what he saw in the paintings recently hung at Cero Space in LA. I will never forget it. He clutched a wine glass full of lemonade in both hands and just freely riffed on the images he saw in a totally abstract painting. Animals and things… I nodded my head and smiled, saying, “Wow, cool, thanks for telling me that!” His parents said he was quite used to being around artists but they felt he hung with it a little longer than usual this time. Which was probably a challenge, especially as I moved into my “artist talk” and began speaking about process and inspiration to a half dozen or so people in the gallery…..snoooozeville. Well, hopefully not, but for him, his head rested on the couch and he hung in there for awhile.

I was impressed with the ease in which he was able to pull from his imagination and put it into words. The painting below is the one I heard him telling a very big tale about all kinds of images inside. They ended up purchasing it for their home.  I hope more kids will come to the next show. In fact, maybe we’ll do a special reception just for them with time to create their own art after they tour and express what they see in the paintings!

Sideways Through The Forest Acrylic painting by Artist Jennifer Perlmutter

Sideways Through The Forest Acrylic painting