This is my favorite week of the whole year. I love the quiet. Most of all, I love how there are no expectations during this period of transition into the New Year. Holiday shopping is over and wether or not I got the cards out or sent the gift on time, is no longer on my mind. It’s a period of time reserved in my life for considering what’s next. The first 3 quarters of the year are my most productive and I enter them with the intention to explore, say yes and love. The good the bad and the ugly, yes to it all  – as my friend would say.

Lately, teaching and guiding other artists has been on the forefront. Creatives seem to find me and I love listening to where they are in the discovery of their creativity and art. Writing, dancing, painting, whatever it is, I find it all to be connected and fascinating.

What are your intentions for the new year? Are there things you are wanting to leave behind? What will you consciously invite to play a bigger role in your life?