It was a small thing in the beginning. In the end it was a ball of gratitude and loving reciprocity as big as a house.

In preparing for the holiday open studio, I was working to create small affordable items, like ornaments etc. This really isn’t my bag but I wanted to offer something small and gifty rather than my usual large abstract paintings. Gift wrap was the solution!  It allowed me to paint big broad strokes and create effects.  It was great fun to paint rolls of paper with acrylic and gold, even stained with coffee and tie them up as gift wrap. But what to charge??

Then it hit me! I was going to offer the wrap for free! Free!? Yes, FREE.

Hand Painted Gift Wrap

Hand Painted Gift Wrap

It was the best open studio. Everyone that walked in was offered the free wrap and they were delighted and grateful. It broke the ice with strangers and friends were quick to take their favorite roll.

The whole event of giving the wrap away, as small as it was, has changed my perspective in business. I trust my emotions and that day and the days to follow came with the joy of reciprocity.  There is giving and there is receiving, two sides of the same coin. Each person that I gave to, gave me back a priceless gift – positive energy. Giving also allowed me to see  how I am cared for in so many ways. In other words giving away this product did not result in a loss at all.  Which leads to this new desire to give even more! So go ahead, it’s safe to give away things as well as your time. Done without the expectation of anything. Giving of your self, your love, your smile will result in positive energy. It may not come when you are expecting it to come but the law of the Universe will have it returned eventually. It’s all in your awareness.

This state of gratitude extends and extends In the spirit of giving – I am offering a free class. If you want to spark your year into creativity, even if you are not a painter, join us. It will be an afternoon of getting into it and taking risks so that you you can go home or back to your own studio with some fresh ideas or techniques you would like to try.

Berkeley Art Studio, Jennifer Perlmutter Fine Art

Berkeley Art Studio

Friday, Feb, 1st. 10am-1:30pm Bring any supplies you like. All  kinds of mediums and something to paint on. If you don’t have anything, let me know and I am happy to provide substrates and some paint, collage pieces etc. If you would like to join me, just email or call. 323.449.2916

My regular class series starts on Monday the 21st. 10am, $425.00 for 6 classes.