We never really know. Even the best plans and lists can’t bring certainty to the situation so we make our best guesses, follow our hunches and move forward. Unless we can’t. Sometimes we freeze with fear. The uncertainty is too much and we are not able to take risks with the fear of failure, bankruptcy, humiliation…. standing still and not growing is no fun. If you run down the hill full speed and wipe-out and skin your knees, you still might get up with a smile on your face and at least you would be in a different place.

Today, some other posts on Facebook and the blogs I follow, were writing about moving forward and getting unstuck. As creatives, it seems imperative that we are in action – creative action, writing, painting, building, making, relating, meditating, moving so that we can show our stuck brothers and sisters how it is done so that we can all be happier, more loving and fulfilled humans. I have an addiction to action and this gets me in trouble. Some call it impulsiveness. Lately I have had some wake-up calls that the action I needed to take was actually to chill out! For me that means, more walks, more writing and more naps. It goes against my nature but without a balance of rest and creation, our health can get out of whack.

I waffle to and fro from this place more often than I like to admit. But I am sharing that with you to let you know that movement up and out does happen and sometimes the shit that life brings on is the best fertilizer for creativity and great art. I’d rather skip the shit and go straight to the great art – I’m practicing. But the truth is:

Unpredictability is part of what makes life  so interesting, fun, and beautiful!

Tonight at Innerstellar Yoga in Berkeley me and Kiki Lovelace will share this with you in hopes that we can encourage you to shine, create or at least move through whatever place you may be in that is telling you that you can not do what you dream to do.

Go to “Upcoming Events” for details and join us!   http://jenniferperlmutter.com/index.php/upcoming-events/

I’ll be back in my Berkeley studio at the end of next week after almost one month off. I can. not. wait! I’ll have an open studio in June. Stay tuned for details.

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Jennifer Perlmutter in studio in process in Berkeley


studio practice involves tension and flow