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    the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

The last 6 months have seen some painting, multiple art receptions, weekend and week long workshops not to mention the marketing that goes with those activities. But the most profound things lately have involved collaborations with other artists. The first one of the year was with another artist that has been deceased since 1971. Musician, composer and conductor Igor Stravinsky. Not a true collaboration you might say, but I swear he was present while the above painting was made and I was moved to respond to his expression of A Soldier’s Tale.  That feels like collaboration.

Last Fall Napa Valley Museum put out a call to artists to visually interpret Stravinsky’s, A Soldier’s Tale.

“The story is a dark Faustian fable about a deserting soldier and the Devil who eventually possesses his soul. The soldier’s violin becomes a symbol of both the soldier’s soul and the Devil’s wiles.”

excerpted from,

The artists were juried and curated by Jennifer Garden. 19 out of 60 were chosen to participate. I am honored to be among the artists hanging at the museum through the end of this month.

NVM Date With The Devil

Exhibit up through end of Sept. 2013

This last July’s solo show, “NorCal” Painting the Place was held over through August and we had the pleasure of hosting 3 receptions with friends and locals. Two of the receptions were live music and art collaborations.  Violinist Sharron Drake, blew me away with her lyrical improvisational playing. Painting with a live violin was brand new, exhilarating and fun!  Pianist Jeffrey Paul joined us for the closing night on the 29th and was right at home with Sharron, playing as though they had known each other for years, (they had not played together before). They drifted in and out of styles and set the energy and flow to the space while I responded in paint. It was truly beautiful.  

Sharron Drake violin 142 Throckmorton Mill Valley Jennifer Perlmutter painting

Sharron Drake on Violin. Perlmutter on paint (C)2013 Matt Gallagher

As if that wasn’t inspiring enough…we were joined by another artist and muse, Tina Taylor.

Poet, Actor and Artistic Director of Theater Lunatico, Tina Taylor joined us for the 2nd reception on August 29th. I was stunned at the lines of poetry she was inspired to write in response to the music and painting. It was as though she heard the room on another level and translated it in words and phrase. This started to feel more like a residency than an art show as we explored this new playful way of creating in the moment.

Lines of poetry

Stream of consciousness, Tina Taylor.

Tina Taylor at 142 Throckmorton, Poetess

Tina Taylor, streaming poetry to music and art

We fell into a natural flow and by the second event we were all wondering when we could do it again.  Collaboration and partnership have been the theme so far this year.  This method of creating is deeply inspiring. The relationships we have with each other and the world around us are fodder for creating and getting to know ourselves more deeply.

Special thanks and love go out to Melanie Bandera-Hess, a friend and supporter of all things art. She put the venue together and  brought us artists together. Without her enthusiasm for collaboration and generosity none of this would have happened!! Also thanks to Lucie and Tim from 142 Throckmorton and all the great support staff that welcomed us there.