Life is expanding


The further out on a limb we go with our goals and dreams, the more we connect with others  and the more opportunity presents itself.  This time of year usually has me coming to a close and contracting…. not this year.

ugly brown and black walls

Spackle much?

One September day


I stopped the car in front of the empty storefront that I had seen for two years and asked the same question out loud as I pressed my nose to the window for the 20th time.  “What is the deal?   Why isn’t anyone doing something with this space?” Why wasn’t I doing something with this space?   2 months later I am expanding into my own studio and fine art gallery in town.

patio Jennifer Perlmutter Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Patio for receptions, exhibits, performance and meet-ups.

Our official open date is Feb. 1st, 2014


We are on our way to new floors, lighting, walls and furnishings. The working studio is in the back third of the gallery.  Friends and family have all been spackling and painting. now it’s time to bring in the heavy machinery and tackle the finer details.

Jennifer Perlmutter Art Gallery

We are turning this space into an elegant yet raw container for creativity, process and art. Jennifer Perlmutter Art gallery with table

Save the date, call a sitter and come share in the excitement of celebrating something new. Thank you!!