The phrase sends many people running. It’s something that I grew up with. My parents owned businesses and my brothers and I helped in whatever capacity we could.

This trip to America’s favorite supply giant would not have been as memorable without my family with me. The kid had to get a cheeseburger at the snack shack (don’t judge), before we even started.  And since I didn’t know where anything was, we strolled aisles and aisles looking for our supply list. It was somehow fun.

Frame of mind


The story I tell myself going in to the store sets the mood for the event. Same with painting. Allow yourself time to play, make mistakes and see the awkward undeveloped thing for what it is; part of the process, part of the journey towards truth. It’s what we are all looking for and sometimes it must be mined. And by mining I mean it will take effort to uncover.


It will be below the surface and patience is required. The rewards will be as strong as the effort made to find them.