A place for contemporary painting…

and photography, salon style gatherings, community involvement, classes with soul and exciting abstract art. For years I have dreamed of creating and showing work in my own gallery/studio. After many years of working with representatives and galleries, this new challenge is exciting.

The gallery’s first year is…

all about being open, trying new things, getting feedback and giving the community more of what works. I am not interested in doing something that someone has already done. We need something new. Let’s start a new dialogue about creativity. It’s not about how pretty the picture is and how many classes will it take for Timmy to become a master painter. I think it has to do with dreams and why we put them away instead going for it.

Do we make it a point to find beauty?

Can we celebrate expression in many forms together and find our common light by talking about our common shadows? This last part is where real community comes in- support and curiosity about who your neighbor is.

Oh and don’t forget, in a few months, this little brick patio will go into construction for the new Mexican restaurant featuring an awesome menu and tequila bar! 

Stay tuned for more updates…. Opening reception Feb. 1st 6pm-9pm