There are many ways to do your dream. All the choices available can be daunting and can keep us from executing. We may end up staying in the same spot, pointing to excuses (fears) that keep us in the safe place. I like risk. It’s exciting and I find it more worthwhile to try something than to stand on the sidelines watching. Which is why I have had some failures.

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery has come to life after more than 15 years in art and design, from furniture, to walls, to fine art and teaching. It feels right creating a gallery and studio minutes from home. JPG is an opportunity for a lot of artists in any medium to come forward and share their work, start a dialogue about perspectives and have fun. Many angels, dear friends and family, helped to make this dream a reality. I am grateful every day. This collaboration keeps growing, these games are just getting started.

During the renovation, I met my upstairs neighbors; the guys that rent the top floor for various businesses, from tutoring to architecture, engineering and design. I ran into them in the parking lot as they were headed out for lunch. One man rolled down his window to say hello. “Hey, are you the (air quotes) “Artist”?” I’m sorry, I thought you just air quoted me. Uh… yeah, you must be the (air quotes) “Architects and Engineers”? This was so awkward, for one of us. This was probably the most insulting thing another professional could say to me. Oh pardon me, I’m an artist, what do I know about being a professional? After all, he explained, artists live in garrets and were poor and starving. hmmmmmm, what rock was he living under? That is actually a popular myth. But it’s so old.  And it’s cold in a garret. What the hell is a garret anyway? Whew. We really need to move on. Artists come in many sizes.  I am the kind of artist that throws spaghetti at the wall to see if it will stick.  Let’s ask  what would happen if…and then do it to see what will happen.  So here I sit, attempting to fit in blogging, painting, and the kitchen sink. Assembling a team of angels and artists and hoping that you will get curious and join us one night for late night art, music and collaboration.


photos courtesy photographer, Shelly Hamalian