“No laughing matter, wisdom.
Wisdom is paradoxically dense. Is gravity. Is weight.
Is bitter. Presses the chest
like an extra atmosphere, depth charge
and scream without sound.”
Excerpt from poem by Amy Glynn, “Seer’s Sage”
from the book, A Modern Herbal, which she will be reading and signing a week from tonight.

Photo by Shellly Hamalian. Her photos are the featured exhibit for, Perspectives on Flora, opening at the gallery April 19th.

It thrills me to present Amy Glynn reading from her book, A Modern Herbal, in the gallery. When I first cracked the book, it was in the bathtub. I set myself up for some time to take in the words and not be rushed. The bath was hot and the poems gave me chills. Drawing so much metaphor and deep connection to the skin of a fruit or the aroma, feel, the aspects and deep nature of the flora and the relationship to us.

Photographer Shelly Hamalian, known locally for her event and family portrait photography, premieres her flora and landscape  with Amy’s poems as inspiration. Some of the poetry featured is echoed in the subjects chosen for the show.

Please join us Saturday, April 19th at 6pm-9pm for wine, poetry and photography.