Andy Goldsworthy’s name comes up often in my conversations. I am a big fan of his process and philosophy as it relates to art making.

He becomes one with nature by coaxing her into collaboration. Watch this excerpt from Rivers and Tides.


It can take a very long time. It can take a whole season out in the wind and snow getting to know stones and earth. It’s the process of getting to know his material and learning about his limitations along the way that gratifies. We work with our limitations until they become the very things that support the beauty we intend to express.  We grow in the process or heal something that needed us to slow down and pay attention.

Zach Pine is a “socially engaged, environmental artist”. He is our local, Andy Goldswortthy. What I love most about Zach and the Create With Nature Zones that he sets up is how ordinary objects from the earth are given attention. They are seen and felt. This world around us that can get kicked in the gutter, mulched and blown, can be a form of meditation and creativity. And it’s fun! Who hasn’t balanced a rock pile or torn a piece of grass to make a chain? Not you?

Zach will be at the gallery 3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, CA Across from Diablo Foods

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May 10th 11-3pm – more on the event here