Above painting, Night Dance by Carol Aust, 36 x 46

The Eva Hesse book on my table is sub-titled, Longing, belonging and displacement. This post isn’t about Eva Hesse, as great as she is. What struck me was the sub-title. and identifying with the universal themes.

Feeling a sense of belonging encourages creativity, gratitude and a desire to give to others.

The gallery and the events we offer are opportunities to unite and inspire. The themes of tribe, family, belonging, longing and displacement are present in the work of Laura VanDuren and Carol Aust, two artists featured in the gallery June 7th-July 19th, 2014.



Interactive House Sculpture by Laura VanDuren

In February 2014, in the gallery’s first month, Laura VanDuren walked in and introduced herself. She will be sharing her interactive sculptures and creating new work. She introduced me to Carol Aust. Carol  jumped on board with her lush, rich figurative paintings. Both of these artists just showed at the Bedford Gallery’s show, SKY. They are prolific Oakland artists with years exploring their art and exhibiting. For more on the exhibit go here.

Carol’s work is emotional. The paintings are universal stories of coming home, being a part of a family, growing, celebrating and enjoying simple moments together. These are the moments that matter.  The same moments matter to all of us.  Alright… most of us. Common ground builds tribes.

I sincerely hope you can visit during the show June 7th – July 19th. Opening reception at 7pm on the 7th.

In addition, there will also be an artist talk on June 21st followed by spoken word and story-telling related to the theme at 9pm.