Heart of Modernism, an exhibit featuring the work of Young Sun Bai.

September 13–October 25, 2014 / Opening Reception: September 13, 5-7 PM

LAFAYETTE, CA (May 5, 2014) – Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery presents a solo exhibit, Heart of Modernism with veteran artist Young Sun Bai. Heart of Modernism focuses on recent work inspired by personal, familial, and public life in the San Francisco Bay Area in general, and Contra Costa County in particular.

Young Sun Bai’s abstract paintings use collage, bright colors, and bold lines to tell a story of enchantment and connection with the people and world around her. Said Dr. Jeanne Willette in Vision Magazine, she “… is the sum of the history of modernist art, reflecting the intensity of Matisse’s color, the construction of Picasso’s Cubism, the free-floating forms of Miro’s Surrealism, and the poetry of Motherwell.”

In the artist’s own words, “I work in abstract images, hoping to evoke enlightened emotions and perceptions from my audience that are otherwise intangible. It is my hope that the result of those outpourings, expressive or perceptual, would be profoundly simple. The flow of human life is vividly depicted by the contrast of bright colors, collage, and bold, black lines. Everything has movement. Everything has energy. Everything has color. Everything has life.”

Born in Seoul, Korea, the 76-year old spent 44 years in Los Angeles, and ten in the Bay Area, developing work that’s been shown in Costa Rica, Paris, Munich, Japan, Korea, Thailand and across the US. She has work in the permanent collections of Sae Han Media Corporation, Bank of Korea, Pro Piano Corporation, and Julia & David White Artists Colony, as well as numerous art publications including The Grand Collection of Korean Modern Art.

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Artist, Young Sun Bai

Born: Seoul, Korea

Education: Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts, 1957-60

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