Above, mixed media, 36 x 36, collage and acrylic by Jennifer Perlmutter



This excerpt from collector after having my new painting in her home for a couple weeks….great to read as the work left the studio so quickly after creating it, I didn’t have time to see some of these things. In fact her words have been swimming around in my head for a few days – great name for the next show of figurative abstracts.

“…so, it strikes me that your work’s title, for me, is Flesh and Mind. Flesh is, at first glance, simple: it is the legs, but with that peculiar visual shimmering, and of course the legs rest within the complexity of the entire work (i.e., Flesh only appears simple). On the other hand Mind is exotic, and so perfectly ambiguous and multidimensional: the mind has (or is composed of) strange geometric figures, “found” metal and mental objects, and it has these vertical lines like strings of an instrument that present possibilities (vibrations of sound, other possibilities of action), and quite obviously there are words in the mind = your imbedded print material, also the enigmatic squiggly lines that look almost but not quite like rounded lower case letters (“o” or “a”) of the alphabet…and then there is that word that leads to all words, the word “library” on the CC County Library envelope.”