Bodega Bay, by Jennifer Perlmutter 16 x 16, framed. Available in gallery


If it sounds intense….it is. What makes it intense is that the artists that are attending intend to devote 12 concentrated hours to their work. Focused and fully curious about taking their skills to the next level. Or at the very least playing with brand new concepts and ways of working may jar them into a new area. We are seekers. I am grateful and excited to devote this coming weekend to  supporting them in their self inquiry and growth as artists.

Work Area

I have just taken down the Summer Show and the next show, Heart of Modernism opens Sept. 13th. The workshop was limited to 6 students so that we could utilize the main gallery as our “Studio”. It’s really important to be set-up and feel unencumbered when creating. 6 students should be the right amount for the space. It’s the first intensive I am teaching in the gallery since opening in Feb. 2014 so this will give me plenty of feedback. If it works out well, I will offer these intensive between shows now and then when resources permit.

Mixed media

Collage, found objects such as fabric, wire, metal, paper, books, discarded packaging. Robert Rauschenberg was the master in my book. We will explore integrating these kinds of things. But only if it makes sense to the individual artist and their intention for the growth and direction of their work. It’s also a lot of fun if you have no idea what direction your work is going and simply want to explore the juxtaposition of objects and their relationship to each other.

rauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg

Color, composition, texture, energy, associations….just writing those words makes me want to go into the studio….BYE for now!