Fall is upon us even though it’s 90 degrees outside and jeans and boots feel ridiculous. New dog, Roxie in the house and the gallery, middle schooler playing clarinet and the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.

Heart of Modernism opened to a huge crowd and lots of celebration. We made it through the Lafayette Art and Wine weekend without incident and I taught at 2 day mixed media workshop in the gallery!


How To…. keep up with my own art in this process of showing others is a challenge. Friends ask if it’s hard to find time to paint. It was always hard to find time to paint. Always. Painting is on my mind even when I’m watching Ballet, or looking at someone else’s art or petting the dog or making dinner – it’s all creative and I could swim around in that creative place all the time.

Running the gallery, on the other hand and wanting the artists I show to have the best representation, presentation and support any gallery can give them is the biggest challenge. Fact is, I’ve never done any of that before. the presentation is no problem. The gallery is gorgeous and clean, the focus is on the paintings and sculpture. As a new gallery in a town East of “The Tunnel” we are working diligently.  With the help of our great artists and the exhibition of stellar work, word is spreading.

Completed this week, How To Enjoy Ballet, is a collage and acrylic, charcoal, oil stick 30 x 40 and the title came from a chapter page seen here:


The painting starts with chapter pages, old books all kinds of lovely finds. It’s always a perfect message that shows up later. The painting tells the story, “Enjoy it all”.  Life is a ballet. It’s all a dream of your own creation. You get to write the instructions on How to…