Taking leaps, trusting process and moving forward.

This exhibit features 6 East Bay artists.  Of particular note is the variety of medium and how that presents as a whole. As artists we have an infinite tool box. Our choice of materials say something about our point of view.



3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA


Open Hours::

Tuesday through Saturday 11am-5pm and by appt.

Just steps away from Lafayette BART.
Across from Diablo Foods.

Working in paper, Lisa Carroll transforms her medium from mundane to inspired. At first glance they remind one of doilies or flowers. Closer look reveals vintage paper from books, torn with precision and re-arranged to tell the artists story. Glimpsing words and recognizing colors from childhood books and text books, the art becomes a beautiful curiosity. This artist works in a variety of media and applications. She is drawn to paper and assemblage using subtle color and surface quality to convey her point of view.


Lisa Carroll

Pastel paintings of familiar landscapes inspired by Northern California, Jon Larson imbues his work with subtle light and motion. His most influential teachers are Wolf Kahn and Wayne Thiebaud. He had the good fortune to work with them and he developed his own masterful style. Jon’s work is impressionistic, moving towards abstraction. The paintings are calming and give one permission to stop and really see the layers and appreciate the beauty of the simple landscape. He recently gave a well attended slideshow and talk in the gallery on “Art in the Everyday”.


Jon Larson


Deborah Rhee works in oil. She immerses herself in her paintings by layering oil glazes and marks until the harmony and vibration of her creativity hum to a pleasing resonance. Each layer draws the viewer deeper into portals and one can almost escape through her paintings to feel the energy of the artist. She and her family recently transplanted themselves to Lafayette from Australia by way of Texas.

Deborah Rhee

Deborah Rhee

Allen Wittert paints with acrylics creating dynamic compositions that have you following marks and trails all over the canvas, finding new pathways each time. Currently working large and bold, he brings to it his skills of drawing and painting outdoor scenes and figures. Fun and full of energy, Allen’s paintings  are influenced by his colorful life. He traveled and moved from his original home in S. Africa, journeyed through Europe, lived and studied in London finding home in Walnut Creek just recently.

Allen Wittert

Allen Wittert

Painter and Sculptor, Jeffrey Sully has  been with the gallery since June. Exhibiting his shaped canvases  for the Summer Show and now showing his stunning wood sculptures during the Heart of Modernism. The new sculpture coming in for the group show is Elder’s Tale. Tall and wise, it is 52″ of mixed wood assembled and sculpted. Its presence is that of a warm and friendly leader. Maybe a greeter in an entry way.

Jeffrey Sully

Jeffrey Sully

Jennifer Perlmutter is a fiend for collage and mixed media. Grabbing material before it is recycled or disposed of and finding new purpose. Latex dishwashing gloves, book pages, vintage posters and maps all have found their way into a Perlmutter painting. This show exposes a new side to her paintings: exploring human form within the mixed media and collage. It was only a matter of time before a figure showed up in her studio. Exploring new ways of seeing and expressing new points of view is a hallmark notion of the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery.

Jennifer Perlmutter

Jennifer Perlmutter

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