Instead of time getting away from me I will walk right beside it. Intention and integrity will guide my every step.

How long do you think that will last? Sounds so good and it can probably last for a few days and then the sloth will enter and drown out the wisdom. This is the pattern. But at least it is a pattern right? If it were all sloth then I wouldn’t be typing this. A vacation is needed. A retreat! Retreat from noise, construction, traffic.

Retreat in order to fill the well that is constantly feeding my needs and the needs of others. Art is the rain that fills my well!!

Art is a giver. No questions asked, it wants nothing.

It’s like a tree. Beautiful or gnarly it always gives us oxygen. An art retreat full of meditation, writing and clean fresh food and smoothies. Tall moss covered redwoods and silence.

In fact there are 2 hours before I open. 2 hours to fill the well in the studio and mess around. That is a gift I accept gratefully.

Thank you for visiting the gallery and for visiting this blog and website. Thank you for uplifting my mood and for contributing to a rich and full life. And I have it on good word that we will be able to toast to this and share a meal to this in about one month’s time! The Rancho Cantina is opening up in January. Life around here is going to get spicy!

Me Making something.

Me Making something.