The artistic process can be very messy

Many visitors know that my art studio is in the back of the gallery. This is where I paint and create when my head is not in the business and exhibition world of the gallery. And thank god. Because the creative act helps to relax me and that’s when my best ideas bubble up.

But it is often a disaster zone. And yet, I still invite you to take a peek. Recently a return collector to the gallery got in touch and wanted to look at small work for her son’s birthday. I brought down some small paintings and hung them with tacks on the studio wall. She had been in my studio many times and in fact that is where she found her first piece, nearly dry on the easel, she came back the following week to purchase it.

I have learned a lot from connecting with the public this way. She said, “I love seeing the small work and getting up close to the surface.” As always, my pieces are waxed and finished, I have no problem with you gently touching the surface. She went home with “Geometry Buddha”. A 2009 3d mixed media work on a slab of oak, gilded wood and tile, finished in marine varnish and wax.

Geometry Buddha, gilding and ceramic. Spotted by a collector while it was still undergoing the artistic process.

Geometry Buddha 12″ x 9″ 3d Oak, gilding, ceramic by Jennifer Perlmutter

Don’t be shy, it’s an artist studio, it doesn’t have to be tidy to produce fine art. Ask to see the work in the back.