Summer Small Works Show
Contemporary Local Artists
oils, mixed media and photography

Stop by to see what’s new in the gallery! Open Tues-Sat 11-5 and by appt. Call for Summer hours. (925)284-1485. 3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, CA

Art from Tina Pressler, Young Sun Bai, Nicole Wakeman, Gregory Vasgerdsian, Jan Weiss, Stephen Elbert, Nancy B. Hartley Julia Rymer.

Enjoy A variety of art including, photography, textile, collage, paper sculpture, mixed media and oils.

Our Summer Salon features affordable small works of local artists. On view through Aug. 23rd. 2015.


Nicole Wakeman



Gregory Vasgerdsian


Original Art by Shannon with her printed pillows

Original Art by Shannon with her printed pillows


Buddha head Necklace by Julia O’Reilly

Nancy Hartley

Nancy Hartley

Welcome to Small Works! 

Featuring (from back wall, forward)

Tina Pressler Nicole Wakeman Young Sun Bai Stephen Elbert

Gregory Vasgerdsian Jan Weiss Nancy Hartley Shannon Kaye (pillows)

Judith Marcellini (paper fish sculpture)

Artists include:

Tina Pressler         I often wonder where the circle begins and how it relates to other concepts. The paintings go through multiple layers of texture and color. The layering process allows me to investigate the link between structure and transformation. always anticipating the next layer in an effort to create a field of coherence.

Nicole Wakeman         My work celebrates connection: with our emotion, our history, or a deep sense of place. My paintings are thresholds, high chroma abstractions, designed to interact and create a personal experience for each viewer. The visual energy and complexity in my work springs forth from the alchemy of color, texture, movement and depth.

Young Sun Bai         I work in abstract images, hoping to evoke enlightened emotions and perceptions from my audience that are otherwise intangible. It is my hope that the result of those outpourings, expressive or perceptual, would be profoundly simple. The flow of human life is vividly depicted by the contrast of bright colors, collage, and bold, black lines. Everything has movement. Everything has energy. Everything has color. Everything has life.

Stephen Elbert         Trained as a black and white photographer, I see light and I see shadow.  Each element gives form and three dimensionality of the image.  While color may initially draw me towards an scene, the compositional strength of light and shadow is primary.

Gregory Vasgerdsian          I paint places and things that have been a part of my life — that have my interest for both visual and emotional reasons. Many of my paintings are started on location and finished in the studio. Other paintings are created completely in the studio, from notes, sketches and my imagination.

Jan Weiss         I use graphite pencil and then for adventure I use conte crayon and charcoal pencils to achieve rich dark tones. I LOVE black and white monochromatic renderings. Being able to express art in just two tones is a challenge and when done right it is beautiful and compelling and makes a statement though it’s very quiet in an artistic way.

Nancy Hartley         I paint with the intention of creating an uplifting experience. Using color, shape, and design, my goal is to acheive a bright moment, for the viewer, and myself.  Hoping that my work puts a smile on your face, and warmth in your heart.

Shannon Kaye          My pillows are part of a growing and evolving list of home goods and furnishings called Plein Heir, whose designs are based on my paintings. They are printed and sewn locally on high quality linen and filled with plush, renewable kapok inserts that are sourced domestically. Kapok is a plant that’s plusher than goose down, has natural hypoallergenic properties, and grows quickly, so it’s a better, kinder material than traditional pillow insert options.

Judith Marcellini Paper Fish Sculptures.         Judith worked for 25 years at the Smithsonian Institution, developing interactive interpretive exhibits and programs for families and children. Among her projects was the first hands-on Discovery Room. Her work fostered scientific inquiry skills, emphasizing curiosity and observation. She now works on her own art projects and writes books for children in Berkeley, California.