Took in some new work to the gallery from an old friend today, artist Julie Cohn. We met 6 years ago when my studio was down the hall from her at the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley. She really knows how to manipulate watercolor – realistically and in the abstract. These paintings make my blood pressure drop. Each one beautiful and tranquil yet filled with vibrant energy and color. See more of her work here.

So far, everything on exhibit has been planned out months ahead. But part of this is changing. Now and then new work from a new artist or someone we have shown before will go up on the wall or in the window. And more like a traditional gallery, we will begin to have a variety of art to see even during the time an artist is featured. There will be some exceptions at times with bigger shows. But the decision has been made to show more variety of art during the featured exhibits.

It’s been over 6 months since I have shown my work in the gallery and people started asking why. So up it goes! I love being able to share my work directly and without having to pull it out of the collection in the back and lean it on the floor. This is a welcome change and I’m excited to carry out this new vision. Stop by after June 11th and let me know what you think.

Here is a sneak of the Summer Show art coming in…
Art from Tina Pressler, Young Sun Bai, Nicole Wakeman, Gregory Vasgerdsian, Jan Weiss, Stephen Elbert and more.

Young Sun Bai

Nancy Hartley

Nancy Hartley