Painters on a hill capturing light. Some do it alone, some prefer the group comraderie of fellow painters. But everyone that I’ve talked to has said having that date with other artists to commit to painting, was key in growing and developing. Painting is a solo act but the energy of having other painters around you during the act can sometimes be inspiring. Sometimes distracting too.

September in the gallery brings together a group of painters that have been painting together for close to 40 years. Pam Glover, a founding member of the Outsiders, passed away in 2010. Her paintings hold such impact and sensitivity for light. In honor of her membership in the group she will also be included in the exhibit in September. Opening reception September 10th 6p-8p


Pam Glover, Boathouse

Pam Glover, Pacifica

Pam Glover, Pacifica