I was recently inspired by a photo of a mannequin with a “tree dress”.  Knowing that others would be too, I quickly posted the photo on facebook and asked who might want to create this for the gallery window. Michele Schmidbauer volunteered and after 2 days of creating in the window, Voila!

Intention and focus are key in achieving the results you imagine. There were obstacles to overcome. Michele’s decorations were in the very back of a storage locker underneath a tower of bins…where would we get the “tree branches”? Operating with a very limited budget, the obstacles somehow fell away and the passion for the project took over. We now have something far more beautiful than the original concept. This window, tree-dressed lady has brought people inside and already inspired others to be creative with their home displays.

Collaboration breeds new ideas and a sense of play that sometimes is simply not accessible alone in your studio.

xmas_processskirt xmas_skirtbuild


Michele working on building the ornament layer.

Michele working on building the ornament layer.


Finished display, crowned with a sphere of 100 lights.