First and foremost I am an artist…

Curator, dealer or gallerist. The terms dealer, gallerist, curator, are thrown around quite a bit.  Art professionals call themselves any of these things and it can vary widely in terms of how the position is carried out. I am in the business of selling art, my own art and the art of other artists that have agreements with me to sell their work. If that makes me a dealer then so be it.

Before opening the gallery I was simply an artist.

On occasion,  when not showing in a gallery, I would produce a group show or collaborate on a show which, in addition to having other artists exhibiting, also featured my work. This is not curating. It’s called being an artist.

Flash forward to 2016 and things have changed. In 2014 the timing was right to go bigger and the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery was created.  Now I am pulling art in from different artists and genres, showing the best of the artists work while providing a meaningful context to the public. No MFA, no training, common sense and openness to see what would happen. 15 years in the arts informed a lot of my actions and gave me the confidence (most importantly) to pursue my dream. If we as artists are not offering ourselves up and willing to fall flat on our face we won’t get anywhere other than our lonely studios. And like a painting, if it doesn’t work out, add, subtract, or paint over it.

Two years and 27 events later, I continue earnestly, discovering new ways to offer myself and serve others through art.

We want to connect our art with the world outside our studios. When we do, we raise the vibration everywhere. And yes, we are selling art.

In January my collage and mixed media is the featured work in the gallery.  Sometimes you can see some process happening in the studio, located right here in the gallery, but often things go directly to a client’s home or they stay in the back room until there is room to show in the main gallery. Hope to see you in the gallery soon to hear about your projects and passions.


Lin Fischer Reception 2014

Lin Fischer Reception 2014


Fundraiser for Tibet Oral History Project

William Rushton with Deborah Ashley, Nancy Hartley

William Rushton with Deborah Ashley, Nancy Hartley

Artists James Koskinas and Julie Schumer

Artists James Koskinas and Julie Schumer

Needless to say I am grateful for the collaborations and willing artists to come out and share their work. We have been called into a field that is not something we ever retire from. We will always be artists, even when we decide to retreat into our own lonely studios and share the work with only the dog or the spouse, or no one.

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