Invitation only event.

Monday March 14th 7p


Mairead Crop3

Mairead McMullen and her band are in the gallery playing an acoustic set. Soulful is an understatement. This music has broken me wide open at different stages of my life and it is truly an honor for her to accept the offer of sharing her work with our angels and collectors.

In addition to having Mairead, we are also fortunate to have her tour mate, Chris Riffle. I took a listen to his music and I can see why they are touring together. This is going to be a very sweet night. Thank you for indulging me and accepting the invite. I’d open it to the whole town if I could. But the gallery space is small and we want to give the music space as well.

Check out Chris’s work here


Born in Dublin city, Ireland, Mairéad’s musical journey has taken her through many styles and to many places culminating at a finely tuned creative crossroads, with the release of her third solo album, Rain: How Beautiful The Sound.  Singing since the age of three and classically trained soon after, her early days were focused on classical, jazz and folk. Following her arrival in the US, Mairéad has enjoyed notable success, both in the studio and in the touring arena. Mairéad fronted Too Cynical To Cry, a bohemian pop collaboration, touring along side such luminaries as Van Morrison, Natalie Merchant, Elvis Costello, and Tracy Chapman, as well as on Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair Tour, off the back of the critically applauded debut album, What Are You Afraid Of?

After a period of artistic transition, Mairéad released her 2003 breakout solo debut recording Open The Door. Co-produced by the artist, the body of work exuded a significant leap in her song craft and artistic depth, garnering rave reviews and motivating one New York critic to conclude “I find myself getting drunk on her sparkling spirit. Open The Door is a sweet concoction of folk dusted with Celtic mysticism, and abstract romance in the spirit of Van Morrison.” Open The Door firmly established Mairéad as a leading voice of a new community of accomplished and successful artists inspiring a positive message through their music and saw her back on the road on an extensive tour, opening for Bob Dylan and two consecutive appearances at the renowned Glastonbury Festival, alongside Paul McCartney, Oasis and Radiohead among others.

 In 2005 Mairéad released her sophomore solo release. Dawn Of Revelation recorded with Jim Goodwin (The Call, Sparks, John Cale) Eggchair Studios in Hollywood. The collection included contributions by a band of the very highest caliber including Goodwin, drummer and percussionist Robert Medici (David Bowie, Lou Reed, John Cale), and bassist Hal Cragin (Iggy Pop, Rufus Wainright, They Might Be Giants, Sarah McLachlan). Rounding out this stellar collective was Mairéad’s first producer Jimi Zhivago (Norah Jones, Joseph Arthur, Glen Hansard, Rufus Wainwright, Olabelle).  One album highlight, Saviour, was picked up by German TV network, ZDF, as theme song for its hit TV dramedy, Sabine. While the tune became a sleeper hit in Europe, Mairéad was invited to act in two episodes, with scenes re-written for her inclusion in the season’s closing episode.

Now living in Los Angeles, and following a 9 year sabbatical from performing and touring, while she focused on motherhood, Mairead delivers Rain: How Beautiful The Sound, a work of remarkable beauty, layered with joy, pain, loss and redemption. The title track sets up an album of true depth and an embrace of life, death, transformation and catharsis. While best indulged as a creative whole, standout tunes include the instant pop classics Traces Of Me and Cake, the rallying Move The Mountain and the inspiring penultimate track, Be Here Now.  Mairéad’s live performances have been captivating her loyal audience for some time now. Her return to performing in support of Rain will ensure that captivation grows ever further. Her shows have been separately described as ‘spirited’, ‘naked’, ‘powerful’ and ‘joyous’. She will take those infectious qualities to audiences over the next phase of her relentless development as an enchanting, and charismatic talent.