Through The Eyes of the Masters with Julie Cohn

March 31st 7pm-9pm

Wine and nosh 7- lecture 7:30ish

20. tickets here

In her series called 

Through the Eyes of Masters 

A whole new way of looking at the world,

Artist and Art Historian, Julie Cohn,

will share with you the joyous life 

of Alexander Calder, known by his friends as 

Sandy. Calder was fascinated by the planetary system, the movement of the universe. This 

became the model from which he worked.  He 

was a brilliant engineer who had an effervescent 

joy to explore life, collecting everything from drawing tools, wire, and cloth to scraps of any 

kind to construct mobiles, stabiles, wire 

portraits, circus entertainers, jewelry and 

numerous drawings and paintings. Learn 

about his whimsical nature and the beautiful 

contraptions he created. His joy and playful-

ness is catchy! The jewelery displayed in 

the gallery has the same playful quality 

as Calder’s creations.