Photographers: Maude Pervere, Stephen Elbert, Suzanne Engelberg, Tanya Knoop, and, Watercolorist, Julie Cohn 

Exhibit Dates: June 4 – July 9, 2016

Reception on June 4, 7-9PM

Artist Talk: Wednesday, June 15th 7pm

Painting With Light brings together a diverse group of photographers and a watercolorist. These Bay Area artists explore their environment and architecture through the interplay of light and color. Imagery is varied from the close-up of an artist palette that appears to be an aerial photo of earth to staged still life photos evocative of the Golden Age of painting.  Integrated within the exhibit are the watercolors of Berkeley artist, Julie Cohn. Her emotional landscapes are washes of color, line, and luminosity. This group of five artists investigate, and are inspired by, the use of light which plays a key role in the work they produce. This evocative exhibit includes photography and paintings that all depend on the use of light to convey a feeling. Exhibit is on view June 4-July 9, 2016 with an Artist’s Reception on June 4 from 7-9PM.

Maude Pervere

Photograph by Maude Pervere, Surf.

Photograph by Maude Pervere, Surf.

This body of work derives from my near obsession with an aerial view of the world. I have photographed cities by shooting nothing but cobblestone sidewalks, decorative manhole covers and cigarette-filled heater grates. I began capturing these images as I was photographing pleine air painters, and and found I was focused on their palettes rather than their paintings. These “aerials” are the grand landscapes of my dreams.”


Suzanne Engelberg

Photograph by, Suzanne Engleberg, Sky Blue and Black

Photograph by, Suzanne Engelberg, Sky Blue and Black

The camera is my tool for contemplation. Whether capturing a spontaneous handstand on a city wall or the ever-changing light on the ocean, photography helps me pause and reflect on the world around me. I am equally inspired by the mysterious, shifting moods of the sea as seen in images like “Sky Blue Black,” as by the irony found in “Blue Skies,” where the real blue sky is more brilliant than the one in the advertisement. Above all, I am interested in the way color, light, and form coalesce to make an image. This exhibition presents a selection of images that capture the spirit of this contemplative process.

Stephen Elbert

Photography by Stephen Elbert, Grafitti Primer Red

Photography by Stephen Elbert, Grafitti Primer Red

I was trained as a black and white photographer: to record a full tonal range within a controlled background to contrast light versus dark. My goal is to have color overlay a visually strong black and white image. What am I looking for in my work? Images that:
Illustrate contrast and contradiction. Illuminate the ironies of man’s presence in the environment. Define shape and texture; highlight and shadow to reveal the essence of a material or object. My training as an architect (also my day job) infuses a right angle, orthogonal, structure in my images. I tend to view the world head on, as in an architectural elevation view. While I love and respect symmetry and geometry, the idiosyncratic nature of our world is a foundation of my imagery. Mini-documentary assignments are my images’ source. Visit an area; record what I see. Recent shoot locations range throughout the SF Bay Area, Denver and Seattle.

Tanya Knoop

Photographer, Tanya Knoop, Delicate.

Photographer, Tanya Knoop, Delicate.

This work is inspired by still-life paintings of the 16th and 17th century with respect to composition and symbolism. The theme is vanitas, the transient nature of earthly life, earthly goods and pursuits.

The artist’s relationship to the subjects is revealed as reverence, as they are held radiant in light, exquisite in life and in death, profoundly meaningful and meaningless at the same time.
Tanya Knoop, born in Mallorca and raised in San Francisco, is a third-generation photographer and has been taking and developing pictures for decades. Her photographic work extends from portraiture and fine-art nudes to landscape and true representation of artwork. Her current passion is making provocative still-life images inspired by renaissance painters.

Julie Cohn

Watercolor by Julie Cohn, Life Force.

Watercolor by Julie Cohn, Life Force.

Julie Cohn is primarily recognized as a colorist and praised for her powerful and energetic expression of watercolors. She was born in Burlingame, California and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all of her life. At ten years old, she discovered her passion for art. Her mother, after sending Julie’s two older siblings off to college, took out her own dusty art materials and inspired Julie to paint.

 Having extensive classical training in drawing and painting at U.C. Berkeley, where she received her Bachelor of Arts, and California College of the Arts, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Julie has painted subjects from observation for many years. In her current work, she chooses to cull from her memory bank of images to depict subliminal worlds that emerge abstractly, revealing her strong connection to nature and humanity. She currently paints in her spacious art studio in Berkeley, CA. An innovative art instructor, in her studio for 30 years and at the College of Marin for 19 years, she enjoys helping others to find and develop their own creativity.

 The paintings of Julie Cohn have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits in the United States, including the Akron Museum, Ohio; the Redding Museum, Redding, California; the Elizabeth S. Fine Museum, San Francisco, California; and Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, California. Her artwork is included in many private collections, the Alameda County Art Commission public collection, and is published in American Art Collector.