Fashion, Music, and Art Fundraiser

August 25th 6-9pm

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

3620 Mt. Diablo Blvd. (across from Diablo Foods)

Fashion and Art fundraiser

Featuring the newest styles from our local Glamorous Boutique. Models wearing the latest fashion with owner and style expert, Elizabeth Jamkochian on hand to share the trends and help you purchase the best piece to add to your wardrobe. Raffle prizes for art, local services and surprises will be featured so bring some bills! Raffle for an original Perlmutter!  And the icing on the cake is Dublin born singer songwriter, Mairead MacMullen afer 7pm. Acoustic concert in the gallery.  

25. suggested donation. 100% will benefit a local woman in need of surgery.

Items offered:

Jewelry, fashion, art, tickets to the Giants plus seats in the Gotham Club, yacht excursions, beauty services, design consultation, music and other surprises!

The story of of how this all came to be told by Shelley Thomas.

I recently observed a bright and attractive young woman at a party. Sara had animated brown eyes and a sweet spirit; I wondered why she kept her hand over her mouth even when she smiled. I found out that she didn’t smile because she was hiding broken and missing teeth. She couldn’t get a job or date any longer because of how she appears to others.

“Why doesn’t she get them fixed? Can her family help her,” I asked a mutual friend. I was told that she inherited bad teeth from her family and that they decay and break very easily. This is not drug related, it’s strictly genetic, and the family cannot afford to pay for it.

Every time I brush my teeth I think about Sara …

She can’t make a living. She can’t eat. She can’t date. She can’t smile or express herself. Someone needs to help her!

Our goal is to look in our own backyard and help this lovely human being.

We want to get her to a place of self-sufficiency – a vibrant, self-confident, working woman.

There are many women to whom I’ve told Sara’s story who have helped or who desire to help. This is the venue. It’s good women helping other good women in need.

I talked to my dentist. He was on board to help share the burden. The immediate need is for multiple extractions, fillings, root canals, and two implants necessary to hold a new partial denture in place and save whatever existing teeth he can. Ultimately she’ll need additional surgery and implants.

We’re not here to fix every bit of the work that’s needed, we’re here to put Sara in a position of getting through the first phase toward a restored, healthy mouth. She will then be in a position to help herself through the remaining process. In order to get her there, our goal is to raise $16,000.

“The world will be saved by the western woman. Women represent the greatest untapped resources of the developing world. They are key to solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time”- The Dalai Lama.

We have to start somewhere, this is our opportunity to come together and hear the call.

If you’re an old friend or a new friend of Sara, we deeply give our gratitude for your generous heart.

We are all gathering at the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery to celebrate each other and help a sister out. We do it for Sara now and net time we’ll do it for another woman. It’s why we are here. We are teaching our children to care for their community and we are reminding ourselves the deepest meaning of life. Small gestures turn can effect a person’s life in grand ways.

Sara’s benefit will be on August 25th. It starts at 6pm with a fashion show from Glamorous Boutique – the latest Summer dresses, 10% of all sales will benefit Sara and auction baskets, 100% of purchase will benefit. 7pm Concert with Mairead Macmillan. 20. donation for a seat! limited to 30 seats.
Appetizers from Rancho Cantina, wine and beverages –