In the spirit of a free and easy Summer, we are bringing out a group rotation of BIG paintings. So often during the year our solo and group shows feature small and mid size paintings while the back room holds the larger inventory. Well it’s time to let the big boys play and let you see some SCALE. The kind of scale that takes over a room and invites you inside through the portal for a while. I am eager to feel the large work in the gallery and to give the larger canvases room to breath and be seen. July 10-August 31st. will be a rotation of gallery artists with an emphasis on BIG expressive abstracts.

Some of the artists included will be Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw, Oil on canvas

Adam Shaw, Oil on canvas 60 x 66

Elise Marshall

Elise Marshall 4x6

Elise Marshall 4×6

Patrick Kelly 60 x 66

Patrick Kelly 60 x 66