Patty Describes herself as an “Experimentalist”. Letting her intuition be the guide she uses glazes and stains to bring out the natural beauty of the process. Recently, Patty led a pit-fire for a number of clay artists in her home neighborhood of Rossmoor. Rossmoor has the only pit for miles and tending to the large hot ditch takes a brave and solid soul.  She admits that the the process was scary at first but exhilarating and satisfying. Digging out the pieces from a long hot night in the dirt and coals is a thrill.

I am fascinated with texturing clay, using clay as fabric, glazing and flamed firing processes where matte finishes roll into high luster colors creating dramatic mood. My heart is opened by the spiritual mystery I find in alternative firing processes of Raku, Pit Fire and Saggar.

Patty Taylor’s work will be on display and for sale in the gallery Dec. 8th-Dec. 23rd.


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Patty Taylor

Patty Taylor

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