Artist Binh Danh

Portraits on a Hillside Our January 2017 Exhibit features an immersive installation by Lara Dutto that expands and abstracts a war memorial in Lafayette, CA. The Bay Area has been home to many political artists, including Binh Danh (now teaching in Tempe, AZ). Through curator Carol Reif, we are honored and excited to bring you a portion of Danh’s The Crosses collection. Known for his alternative photographic processes, artist Binh Danh explores photography’s relationship to memory and landscape with his multiyear documentation of The Crosses of Lafayette. Collaborating since 2011, Danh and Reif created the 2014 exhibition: The Crosses of Lafayette: A Protest Against Forgetting. The original exhibit has travelled and evolved. Portraits on a Hillside re-focuses digital prints of Danh’s daguerreotypes (photography’s first practical process). Danh continues to explore The Crosses of Lafayette: he works with a large format camera modified to accept silver-layered copper plates made light sensitive by fumes from iodine crystals in the camera’s wooden box. After exposure to light (sometimes as long as two minutes), mercury fumes develop the image which is then fixed in a salt solution. Danh’s daguerreotypes are mirror images, reproduced in their authentic orientation.

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Exhibit opens January 12th 6pm and is on view through the end of the month. Call the gallery for more information


Kenneth M. Ballard May 20, 2012

Kenneth M. Ballard May 20, 2012