We are proud to announce representation of Bay Area Painter James Leonard.

James Leonard is a kind-hearted and sensitive man, a talented painter, with a very sharp eye for color. He creates abstract paintings, purely non-objective that allow us to find our own story on the canvas. In person, the complexity of the surface is inviting. As a tactile person myself, I want to touch the surface and get up close to inspect the multiple layers. At first glance the similarity to a series of Gerhard Richter paintings is uncanny. However, there is a huge difference in the process that sets them apart. You can look forward to hearing more details about his painting and journey from being a Vietnam Vet to a very well represented artist. We will host him in 2017 for an artist talk.

Leonard enjoys working in XL scale so I was very surprised to see his studio space. He transformed a small office in his home to the perfect studio space. He can be near his dogs, in the warmth of the house and still manage to create a 96″ canvas. He works on one canvas at a time, which is refreshing. His focus is intense and outside of the few small studies he has going on at the side of the room, he is creating work on a grand scale.

Urban Tulsa Weekly – Tulsa, OK.
“Leonard’s compositions are entirely non-representational and move the viewer’s eye vertically or horizontally across the space. This basic movement is complicated by layers of dripped, speckled and fragmented colors that infuse not only a rich language of color, but also a visual history left to be discovered by the eye as it moves across the surface. Leonard’s inventive layering process results in heavy impasto, or textured, surfaces with a glossy, wet shine making them particularly beautiful when seen in person.”

In studio with James Leonard

In studio with James Leonard


48″ x 36″ Acrylic on canvas


Wisteria, massive acrylic on canvas

Wisteria, massive acrylic on canvas

It’s an honor to get access into the studios of great painters. I am excited to connect our community with the work of James Leonard.

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