Thursday, February 23

6:30 doors open.

Talk begins at 7pm. 1 hour talk


Fine Art Appraiser Joy Aitchison

Join us for this unique artist talk and Q and A with gallery owner and artist, Jennifer Perlmutter and local, Fine Art Appraiser, Joy Aitchison.

This talk will help you understand how value is determined in the marketplace for both contemporary art and art that you may have inherited from family or collected over several years.

What about the intrinsic and incalculable value of art? What does art actually do for us? How can we live a better life through art? Discussion will be informal and leave time for questions and examples from the attendees. Please RSVP. Limited to 25 people.

More information on Fine Art Appraiser Joy Aitchison can be found on her website: HERE