Misch Kohn and Betty Friedman: A Legacy in Printmaking opens June 2 through July1. The artists’ reception takes place on June 2, 2017, from 6 to 8 p.m. 

“These exceptional artists, who worked together in papermaking and printmaking, use multiple fibers, antique paper, silver leaf and powdered pigment, to explore possibilities of contemporary printmaking,” said gallery owner Jennifer Perlmutter. “Their art celebrates planes of color and pattern, complex abstract structures and an active graphic line. ”

The relationship of the artists is also interpersonal as they were close friends for many years. They shared a devotion to papermaking and printmaking. Their prints are large and bold, unlike the tiny sized black and white prints that one usually associates with etching and engraving.

Kohn, who passed away in 2003, was considered one of the leading American printmakers at the time of his death, having brought elements of experimental printmaking processes to the United States after working with Stanley William Hayter in Paris at Atelier 17, in the 1950s. His innovative printmaking continued until his death.

Betty Friedman met Misch Kohn when she decided to study papermaking with him at Cal State East Bay. She didn’t know that this was the last class he was teaching before retiring from teaching. This exhibition represents recent intaglio pieces printed on the artist’s handmade paper produced in her West Oakland studio. Friedman has exhibited her prints internationally and is a professor emeritus in Art (Notre Dame de Namur University).

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