This call is closed. Thank you for your submissions. I received over 100 submissions and most of them abstract. It was difficult to have to turn away so many of my favorite abstract artists. In order to have a unique and diverse show of 6″ x 6″ paintings -that was exactly what needed to happen. Here is the list of artists that will be showing:

  1. Jan Watten
  2. Joy Broom
  3. Hagit Fuchs
  4. Pablo Villacana Lara
  5. Valryrie Gillum
  6. Shannon Kaye
  7. Patty Taylor
  8. Margaret Timbrell
  9. Kim Frohsin
  10. Victoria Veedell
  11. Brandy Eiger
  12. Karen Thapa
  13. Karen Olsen-Dunn
  14. Carol Dalton
  15. Fernando Reyes
  16. Cynthia Tom
  17. Jennifer Wolpert
  18. Merl Ross
  19. Susan Erickson
  20. Eileen Moderbacher
  21. Vivien Hart
  22. Judy Feins
  23. Ray Beldner
  24. Dee Tivenen
  25. Mira White
  26. Alicia Neumann
  27. Jennifer Granat
  28. Nicole Wakeman
  29. Michael Granat

PLUS objects of art in the 3D area by many more artists. We are still considering unique and beautiful handmade objects for our pop-up gift area. 5% of proceeds will be donated to support Intuitive Writing Project.

Opening Reception November 16th 6pm-9pm. Free gift wrap with your purchase.

November and December 2017, Small Things Group exhibit, Call for Art.

“That is SMALL!”

In a world of, “I have a huge wall in my dining room…” What about the little spaces in the hall, or around the corner between your closet and vanity? Art is there to remind us to pause, play and feel something beyond the explainable. I have these reminders all over my little house. And moving them around is always easy. Sometimes all that is required is a sturdy push-pin.

Exhibit runs all of November and December. Through our holiday events and parties, gallery patrons will have the advantage of a long season of small things as they prepare for the holidays and gift giving.

Seeking: Unique work in a variety of styles including; collage, figurative, abstract, representational, illustration, photography and new media.

Also includes 3D art and one of a kind items for our “Pop-up Small Things Gift Shop”.


Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

Gallery will display as many as 4 artworks from each artist. Please nothing behind glass.  All paintings must be read to hang. All works must be original and one-of-a kind.

To submit, send your website or Instagram link. If your Instagram primarily features the work of other artists, please do not send your Instagram link. If you already have work that is 6″ x 6″ – send those images.  Artists will be notified by August 31st. : Email Please include your phone number and full contact including address. Please use subject line: “Small Things 2017”.

Work delivered to the gallery can be NO LARGER THAN 6″ x 6″ in any direction. No exception. All work must be for sale. 50/50 consignment with gallery.

Works dropped off or delivered to gallery on November 6th, 2017 12-4pm

Work picked up Jan. 4-5, 2018

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Jennifer Perlmutter