Watercolors, gouache, surreal, real and imagined, Eileen’s art is a natural carnival of color and earthly shapes. They remind us of still life or tropical places. All feel fresh with areas to re-discover on a second look. 4 watercolors are on view this Summer. Stop in to see them up close.


In her own words…

I LOVE pattern. I LOVE water. In fact, in the past, friends have nicknamed me “Water Woman”. My concern for our California drought of the past 4 years has been the driving force behind the creation of these paintings this year. Though not always apparent in the imagery I have chosen, the plight of our water situation has been my main concern as a theme.

The large increase in the scale of my paintings this past year has directly impacted my painting process. A bigger format has both encouraged and allowed me to experiment with new techniques. I also began incorporating cut-out shapes into some of the pieces, and collaged in patterned papers to both enhance and delight the viewer’s sense of discovery.