Like entering into a tree house full of minimalist art, my recent studio visit with painter, Rose Anne Critchfield was washed in natural light, organic shapes, and room to enjoy it all. The outside cladding of the studio was painted in a wash of blue, the color of Northern CA sky. Very akin to the color in the background of this painting from her Hidden Agenda series.

48×48, Rose Anne Crtichfield. Ink, gouache on panel.

Rose Anne came into the gallery a couple years ago and introduced herself. She has attended receptions, artist talks, and sought to gain an understanding of whether or not my representation would be a good fit for her. Lucky for you and for me, we both agreed to venturing into this partnership. The goal: to share more of her work with the collectors and community of Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery.

The quality of Rose Anne’s art and in particular, the surface and deliberate strokes is much like her personality; thoughtful and sincere. The work above is currently on view at the gallery but it’s also going out for trial to a local collector on Thursday. So if you want to see it, get in soon. Expect an invitation to the two-person exhibit next year featuring more of her work alongside Colorado artist, Julia Rymer Brucker.


In her own words:

I make these shapes the way I might draw a stick through wet sand: thoughtfully, letting the drag of the stick slow my thoughts and impulses. The paintings emerge with a stillness that is calming. The dark shapes seem buoyant and lively against the delicate and otherwise uninhabited watercolors.

Some of my earliest memories are of finding faces, horses, houses – any recognizable shapes – in the textural patterns of stucco or bark or almost any relatively flat surface. I still find that texture fires my imagination.