Featuring Julia Rymer and Rose Anne Critchfield

Opening Reception Feb. 1, 2018 6:00pm

Artist Talk begins at 5:00pm

Two artists who investigate mark-making in various ways from monumental strokes to microscopic marks. Rymer’s work is a meditation, and manifestation, of her experiences with the natural world. Critchfield explores texture and surface, searching out an ecosystem of visual variations and uncovering artifacts of previous layers. Drawing on their points of view and place in the world, each artist strives to connect to something beyond the known.We invite the viewer to experience this “Celestial” exhibition. Exhibit runs through March 3 with a reception on February 1, from 6-8pm. Artist’s talk begins at 5pm.

Julia Rymer

“Celestial” is a series of work that meditates upon the expanse of sky and space, evoking the emotional effects of its intensity and unpredictability. Contrasting elements of light and dark, warmth and coolness, brightness and subtlety, and delicacy and force, Julia Rymer’s abstract paintings call up the power of atmospheric forces on Earth and beyond.

Created with a multitude of painting and drawing media, Rymer’s compositions exhibit openness, energy, and grace. Wild brush strokes, washes of color, and swooping marks contrast against areas of white or blue, suggesting the distinction between a satellite and the expanse of a planet, or a treetop against the sky. Color choices, palettes and relationships form the emotional core of each work, lending them resonance and meaning, while repeating ovoid shapes make reference to organic forms like rocks, clouds, hills, orbits, planets, galaxies and stellar nurseries. 

Whether contemplating the sublime vastness from a mountaintop in Colorado, a hill in San Francisco overlooking the Bay, or imagining the sensation of gravitational waves undulating through the fabric of spacetime, Rymer’s work celebrates the beauty and emotional significance of the natural world.

Julia has her MFA from Pratt Institute and has exhibited her art in CA, NY, CO, NV. TX, NC. She resides with her family of 4 in Colorado.

Rose Anne Critchfield

Some years ago (before iPhones), my husband and I paused on a hike to take photos. Each absorbed in our own process, we did not realize until weeks later when he was taping his “panorama” together that I had photographed only the lichen on a rock in the foreground.

I do, to this day, love texture and I love surfaces. I examine them as I create them, searching out an ecosystem of variations in depth and sheen, color saturation and artifacts of previous layers. These last excite me like a knock from the tomb.

Mine is always “art in the service of comprehension” (to quote Larry Rinder). I begin my inquiry with choices of substrate and dimension. But with these selections I have already turned this object, the beginning painting, into a conversation. As I proceed – as I choose a type of gesso and how I will apply it I am establishing  a path and, of course, more questions. In the end I will have an object brought to form through exploration.

Surface allows me to play large gestures against the combined forces of small variations. I am always interested in the delicate balance of relationships.

Graduate of CCA with distinction, Rose Anne has exhibited her work in Italy, CA, MD and lives and paints in Orinda, CA.


Also featured during the month of February will be stone sculptures in marble and terrazzo by Michael Rizza.