Shown above, Buffalo, Black and white 42 x 54: Oil on canvas. Read more on Jacqueline Neuwirth…

January 2018, the month of Intention.


Walking into the new year with Intention in our art, our relationships and our communities. For what? Happiness? Peace? Success in our business? All of these areas are important to me, and January, as well as being my birthday month, has always been my opportunity to push the reset button and be intentional in creating the life the resonates with my true nature.

You are invited to stop in this month and see the artists chosen, read the titles they give their work and ponder the metaphor, subjects, colors, and stories they bring to their work.

We will host a series of conversations beginning January 15th:

The Elephant in The Room.



These nights are for the artist, collector, friend, activist, outsider…the structure will be introductions, topic put forth, stories told and open floor with time to speak for all who wish to speak.

Each night will close with some solutions and some questions to ponder for moving forward.

See the schedule and come out and join in the conversation. If it makes you a little uncomfortable, ask yourself why. Community and art can be transformational. I hope you will take this opportunity to use our gallery and space as a place of reflection and transformation this January.

May 2018 bring you continued growth and joy.