“Chasing Angels”

Light-filled paintings by Patrick King


The Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery is pleased to present “Chasing Angels,” a series of new paintings by Patrick King. King’s work offers the viewer a glimpse into the beauty and life found in the overlooked corners and decayed areas of our urban environment. The oil paintings are quietly filled with light, color and moments of activity. King’s studio is located in Dog Patch in San Francisco. While gentrification continues to push into the area, there are still abandoned lots, cracks in the sidewalk and as King states: “There is beauty in these quiet forgotten areas: beauty, color, and life. There’s seasons here. We’re all on the same clock. There is life and there is death. I love to walk and explore.” The exhibit will run from April 21 through May 12, 2018 with an artist’s reception on April 21, 5-7 pm. An artist’s talk will begin at 4pm.

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Patrick King was born in El Paso Texas and moved to the Bay Area in 1988. He received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. Patrick started painting at the age of 10. His first painting, of the Rio Grand river, hangs in his bathroom. After 40 years of painting, and 40 years of looking for excuses to quit painting, he has resigned to the fact that painting – and raising and playing with his babies – is really the only thing he does exceptionally well. Patrick has exhibited his work throughout the United States. Patrick King lives in San Francisco with Dr. Carolyn Chang, a prominent plastic surgeon, and his two toddlers James and Jemma.


Studio shot of large oil on paper in artist’s studio.


Shot in artist’s studio, SF, CA

Patrick King in client’s home 2017.