Drawing Workshop

Drawing Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of drawing the human face and body, essential skill for painting and illustration. In this class you will learn how to draw using pencils and ink, practice different techniques so you can find what works for you. By the end of the class you will be comfortable doing a portrait of a person from beginning to end.

Materials: soft pencils (b-b6 ok), a variety of pens (bring a few different pens you have at home and we will share them in class to experiment with them). A sketching pad with spiral bound of 11 x 14 inches (or similar size). Charcoal optional.

Week 1: Intro to drawing principals: a little bit of history and short discussion on what we like and what we want from our drawing practice. Drawing warm-ups with fast and loose drawings. Best setup and posture to tackle a drawing. What is a gesture drawing and how to do it using simple geometric components of the human body.

Week 2: Human Anatomy: Don’t be scared, you won’t have to draw an entire human skeleton. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of the humans body (especially head and hands) that will help you catch on mistakes on your drawings early on. A very useful skill that once you master it, will always be useful.

Week 3: Light and shadow and how it affects composition: How lighting can affect your drawing. The difference between realism and hyperrealism. How to use lighting to have a focus on you composition.

Week 4: Grids: When and how to use grids in drawing. Advantages of using a grid and how it can inspire you to new ideas.

Week 5: Live drawing: How to draw from life, full demo by instructor followed by a peer portrait.

Week 6: Ink: Using a variety of pens, fountain, marker, ballpoint, etc. We will explore a range of lines and patterns to use on ink drawings. Plan to make a lot of “mistakes” until you find your “happy” technique.

Week 7: Creative drawing: Symbology in art, quick history and examples. Explore symbolism by combining different visual elements that together make a unique statement using drawing. Learn hack your inner creativity following a few simple techniques, followed by a class critique.

$210 for 7 week intensive drawing workshop.

Email mcsegobia@gmail.com to book your spot!