Turntable Drawings

Sept. 15th Special Performance


A Performance by Jon Fischer and Danny Clay featuring special guest musicians.

Turntable Drawings is an ongoing collaboration between printmaker Jon Fischer and composer Danny Clay that combines installation, visual art, and a wide-ranging collection of playable, handmade records. Part sculptural sketch, part sound prints, the records are imprinted with mathematical textures, original recorded material, and direct casts of some of history’s earliest recorded sounds. For this special program at Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Fischer and Clay will present a performance that features the records played on turntables alongside live instrumental musicians.

Check out some video of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl_hw9IG2h0

From a 2018 workshop series by Danny Clay and Jon Fischer at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco. The workshops feature a series of guest artists that respond to a collection of playable handmade records. This station consists of a video microscope viewing a record in play. Visitors were free to change records and manipulate the images.

Hand made vinyl record