Artist Demonstration

Saturday, Oct. 20 5PM

In celebration of our gallery artists being invited to show in a museum, we are featuring them both on exhibit this month.

Come watch Bill Rushton create a painting from the start. His signature figurative work is loose and colorful. When he demonstrates his paintings, you watch life happen before your eyes. He starts with an idea and pushes thick gobs of oil onto the canvas and shapes that seem abstract start to take on life.

To be invited to exhibit in a museum setting is significant in an artist’s career. This exhibit will highlight the artist’s work and give our local collectors a look at selections from artist studios that relate to their individual museums shows; Adam Shaw featured in the Sonoma County Museum and William Rushton in the Peninsula Museum.

Rushton, Dolly, Perlmutter

Rushton, Dolly, 17″ x 12″ oil on canvas

Rushton, Pizza Guy, 30″ x 40″ oil